Media Engagement Project

There is evidence that citizens are willing to join others to raise an issue for the attention of duty bearers . This is done through various mechanisms and platforms, including the use of radio, demonstrations, attending community meetings, among others. This project seeks to complement and support these platforms through the use of radio in promoting accountability and responsiveness among local authorities with regards to service delivery. The use of radio is also to increase public education, sensitization and awareness on local government issues, particularly the planning and budgeting systems – thus how these policies are developed, implemented and opportunities they offer for citizens to interface and engage as right holders and principals at the local level, all aimed at amplifying citizens voice and promoting feedback to improve service delivery and development at the local level. Moreover, there is evidence that over 90% of Ghanaians, and especially those in rural areas have radio as the only source of information – wider reach. Again, people prefer sharing their concerns through radio stations more than even reporting to duty bearers .

The radio sensitization and accountability platform seeks to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge and understanding on the planning and budgeting process of Assemblies among citizens.

  • To strengthen local dialogue and debates through radio, town hall meetings and existing social accountability platforms.

  • To use radio as a platform to promote accountability and responsiveness from duty bearers in service delivery at the local level open, accountable and inclusive society and improvement in service delivery.

Expected Outcomes

  • Citizens are informed and knowledgeable on the plans and budgets of MMDAs.

  • Enhanced duty bearers’ responsiveness to citizens’ demand for public goods and services.

  • Improved the delivery of public goods and services among citizens.